**GOODBYE 2020 SALE: All Pandemic Year paintings $200-800!**


As awful as 2020 was, quarantine gave me time to experiment and push my work to new levels. Colorful new pieces were created, and many previous canvases were reworked. All feature rich color and many have extra texture. They are the basis of my work going forward. Help me make room for 2021 paintings by picking up a Pandemic Year canvas for home or office at a friendly price:

Link Here to See 2020 Paintings by Size, Priced as Follows:

20S (Small = up to 24 inches) - $200

20M (Medium = 25-36 inches) - $300

20L (Large = 37 inches or more) - $400-800*


*Large sizes up to 54 inches. Let me know which catches your eye.

All works are oil, oilstick and sgraffito on linen or cotton canvas over gallery-depth stretchers. Most canvases are professionally hand-stretched. All edges are prepared and canvases wired to hang without framing. Shipping cost additional if needed. No gallery or broker commission.


SOLD: "Ultraviolet" Oil, Oilstick and Sgraffito on Canvas, 2020

Invest in colorful original paintings by Karl Stephan.


 Enliven the walls of your home or workspace with adventurous paintings that explore the musicality of color.

Home owners, gallerists, collectors and interior designers: click here to see recent work on offer, or schedule a socially-distanced studio visit here.

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