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Guernica Every Day

"Driven by Color 2001-2023"
a thumbnail sketch of artistic development

Return to Painting - 2001-14

Returning to painting in the wake of 9/11. The work is realistic and mostly still life.


Color Improvisation - 2018-19

Influenced by street art, improvised color abstraction through methods of decontrol.


Return to Representation - 2023

Incorporating the results of my abstract color experiments back into realism.


Layered Abstraction - 2015-17

Exploring alternate modes, using layered drawings and symbols in abstract form.

Ocean at Night final.jpg

Organized Abstraction - 2020-22

Abstractions become more organized in pursuit of the musicality of color.


Return to Figuration - 2023

Extending a new color sense into figurative and protrait work.

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