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“Collections that Inspire” MFA Boston, NAEA Conference, 2019

Professionally guided art experiences for work groups, family and friends.

Team-building, creativity and fun for any group. No art expertise needed.

Enthusiasm for Guided Art Experiences:

"I love the mission of bringing more color into the halls. Observing the work progress at three different points over the course of the afternoon was amazing and allowed for seeing the depth and layers of the process. Cheers to Karl for opening up this creative space..." 

Associate Dean, Tufts University Graduate School of Education


"Karl facilitated art making activities that fostered a sense of community and team building for faculty and students in the Department of Education. Everyone had a great time together making art!"

Director, Art Education Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Family, business and group leaders click here to schedule an event.

Clients include:

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